If we go any further,
we’ll start a war.
We’re spending so much time talking about everything,
and feelings are starting to gather – planning a coup.
The closer we get,
a rioting heart tries to breach my sky-high walls.
Archers on my wall are not cupid,
aiming accurately at any stranger trying to steal
what I have managed to pull further back beyond the walls.
Back to the safety of where nothing hurts.
You say I’m scared of loving you,
No – I’m scared of loving you without it being a crime.

If we don’t take a step back,
we’ll dive into an ocean of high tides.
You’ll be smiling – listening attentively to everything,
even though I’m here saying next to nothing.
So I get busy,
drowning in caffeine and workload.
A cold shower right after dancing naked around the house,
a perfect cover to hide how lonely it gets – sometimes.
Until you break the rules – A criminal without limits.
A pirate trying to pull the anchors out the raging sea.
You say I’m scared of taking a risk,
No – I’m scared of risking it all without it being a crime.


©2019. Phillip Emmanuel ‘F, Crime.
Collection: The Price to get Home | Image Credit: Pixabay.




We could pack and leave tonight.
A duffle bag half-filled with the essentials
and our hearts filled with excitement,
maybe all that we’ll be needing.
Deeper – and deeper we go,
to run until we get lost.
To hide until we are found,
and to love deeper than we ever imagined.

We could rent a tiny house in every city.
You and I standing on the balcony,
glancing at the city’s skyline.
Hearts racing, kissing – pressed against the railings.
Deeper – and deeper,
until we retire under the cover of the sheets.
Locked in a cuddle
even the world’s best locksmith cannot breach.

We could unpack in the morning.
Taste the food and drink wine in every city
while we talk and map out our future.
You could dance with me for a minute
and tell me all your plans as I stare into your eyes.
Deeper – and deeper,
as you plead with your heels to elevate your body
closer and closer to where my lips await.

We could make the last stop before heading home.
Lay our back on the white sands of Gran Canaria.
Splashing – exhilarated close enough to the shoreline.
Maybe we could get lost into each other in every city,
at every altitude – in all depth.
Deeper – and deeper,
we could find each other all over again.
Exploring the things we never knew existed.


– ©2019. Phillip Emmanuel ‘F, Deeper.
Collection: The Price to get Home | Image Credit: Pixabay.



He would look at her sternly from across the table,
she captured a glimpse, fingered her wine glass and smiled back.
There was an aroma of flirtation in the dining room,
totally overtaking the freshly baked chicken and ribs.
He was looking at her wildly.
The tension was so intense that the room was heating up
and they feared the fire alarm could go off.
In his head, he imagined racing across the table to where she sat.
His eye on the prey,
His prey was eager to get slayed.

She hurried their two kids away from the dining table.
The kids had fumbled trying to separate the peas on their plate.
“Goodnight dad”, they yelled as she put them to bed.
“I love you, goodnight”, he replied;
as he emptied the remaining wine down his throat.
Creak, Clack! The wooden stairs informed him of her position.
He waited downstairs patiently – Naked.
“Hello wife”, he said as pulled her close to him,
slamming his lips on hers like he was starving for air,
pushing her further and further towards the spinning washing machine.

He placed his arm around her waist,
lifting her up until her feet lost relationship with the floor.
“Oops! Babe”, she said as she sat on the washing machine.
Their eyes were locked like a preacher searching for the truth.
Slowly, he moved his hands up her thigh;
carelessly ripping off the slit on her skirt – further.
His middle finger waywardly escaped from the other fingers;
Further and further in between her legs.
Oh! She grabbed onto the back of his neck,
biting him harder on the side of his neck.

“Excuse me, wifey, I need my head”, he said jokingly.
Putting her hands up above her head – pinning them to the wall.
In a burst of luck, the dryer was now vibrating harder – louder.
Loud enough it camouflaged the sound of ecstasy,
leaving the sleeping kids upstairs oblivious to anything.
He then drifted his lip down to her collar bone,
just enough to get her excited as he drained down her chest
to spend time with the two occupants living there.
He would clamp his teeth gently like he wanted to bite her there,
suddenly he would release it to the slippery feel of his tongue.

“I have a huge crush on you, wifey”, he muffled
as he elevated his head from her breast to her face.
Her smile acknowledged the aphorism of his flattery.
She gave him that look of consent,
Shivering,  she swallowed a gallon of air
as he took his head slowly down her neck again,
This time not stopping to say hello to her breast.
His head got lost in between her legs,
but he didn’t need a flashlight to see.
Her moan pointed his tongue in the right direction.

She kicked and thrust like a bird in a cage.
“The walls are vibrating”, the neighbours yelled;
submitting unproven theory about who was winning tonight.
She births a scream of ecstasy and a mad silence followed,
almost like a hidden spring.
Her legs refused her brain’s command to stand,
A knight in ‘all’ armour, he carried her through the creaking stairs
into the bedroom as he laid on his back.
She moved in an oscillatory manner – Fast then slow
Leaving the floor with wound and scratches of their wooden bed.

– ©2019. Phillip Emmanuel ‘F, His Wife and Crush.
Collection: Wild Things (Editorial version) | Image Credit: Pixabay.



3AM and I’m driving to your place.
Half soaked pyjama and t-shirt in the rain,
I need a place for hide from the pain.
I’m wondering where everyone went,
why does every street feel bent?
I’m wide awake – Yet falling asleep on the wheel.
Through dimmed street lights and potholes,
I just need a place other than my own to lay.

6AM and we are still both awake.
I can’t tell you what’s wrong,
Feels like I lost my tongue along the way.
I’m being strong but scared I might do something stupid
and risk it all away.
We are both sitting silence
as you place your hands on mine,
I slept the night away.

9AM and I could smell coffee across the room.
My lazy eye trying to catch the first light,
But all I see you.
How long have you been up?
Did you watch me sleep – Did I snore?
Did you see my heart breaking while I was dreaming?
And when you said everything was going to be alright,
it became real again – the pain, intensified again.

Oh! This task ahead to bring a wild heart back home.

– ©2019. Phillip Emmanuel ‘F, Bringing Wild Heart Back Home.
Collection: The Price to get Home | Img Credit: Pixabay.



I trust you and I were meant to be simple enough,
but the closer we get – the harder it gets.
And suddenly, I am scared too.
I pull further away from your tide
Crashing Waves on a rocky shore
Wait, shore shouldn’t be full of rocks!
My broken bones and gashed skin like a worn-out kite.
My squawk, gradually demoting into dyspnoea,
Slowly, I blacked-out.

– ©2019. Phillip Emmanuel ‘F, Blacked-out.
Collection: The Price to get Home | Img Credit: Pixabay.



We pulled the moon away
and the sun meets us here.
Tossing and folding in each others arms.
Puzzled and searching,
Searching for clarity.
Clarity we could only find on each other’s lips.

– ©2019. Phillip Emmanuel ‘F, Clarity.
Collection: The Price to get Home | Img Credit: Pixabay.


There was a time we ran for our lives.
The storm came with fury wind,
and we washed away in different directions.

There was a time we cried.
Then we had to put aside our pride,
and let our feelings out.

There was a time we were weak.
In the morning we woke up in each other’s arms
And found the strength to conquer another day.

There was a time got on track.
Cheered by some – criticized by others,
and still we made it to the end.

There was a time we fought for survival.
We faced a million phases of life all at once,
and yet, we survived.

There was a time we wonder if we would make it.
Today we look back,
and the answer is simple, we stood as a family.

– ©2019. Phillip Emmanuel ‘F, As a Family.
Collection: The Price to get Home | Image Credit: Pixabay.